Data Science and Analytics

Our data scientists and related experts enable forward-looking, real-time, data-driven decision making throughout an organization by harnessing the power of data science, machine learning, and real-time predictive analysis. Our extensive domain knowledge in all phases of customer lifecycles (from marketing to service), combined with our deep expertise in statistics and machine learning, make us an essential partner in your understanding and use of your data. In addition, our data visualization techniques add a new dimension to data analysis by making it approachable, appealing, and actionable.

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We help clients scale applied analytics by delivering:

  • Proofs-of-concept for your specific needs
  • World-class talent with over 50 successful projects
  • Deep B2B and B2C industry experience
  • Cloud and client-side analytics systems
  • Accurate, cutting-edge predictive models
  • Partnerships with top data providers
  • Partnerships with leading tech vendors

Our solutions cover the full “maturity model” of scalable analytics:

  1. Monitoring operations
  2. Reporting outcomes
  3. Diagnosing cause and effect
  4. Predicting future outcomes
  5. Prescribing data-driven actions
  6. Automating decisions with cognitive models

Our analytic offerings include:

  • Emergency Services Analytics
  • Automotive Industry Analytics
  • State and Local Government Analytics
  • Retail Analytics
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Fraud and Forensics
  • Pricing Optimization

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We are partners with and offer expertise in these technologies: