Internet of Things

The number of connected devices is constantly growing and will continue to expand over the next decade, spanning many verticals. Management consulting firm McKinsey estimates that by the
year 2020, 28 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. These connected devices or “things” include vehicles, homes, healthcare equipment, cities, spaces and infrastructure for transportation and logistics.

Fresh Gravity is your partner in determining your IoT driven business strategy. We can help you identify your IoT future state use cases and build a feasible roadmap to get there – all with the goal of keeping you ahead of your competition. We can help you rapidly deploy end-to-end pilots – from the IoT device with a sensor to the code that collects the data and transmits it to a data repository. And then we can help you expand the pilot to the implementation of real IoT use cases.

Fresh Gravity has extensive experience developing APIs on both sides of the chain – from APIs on IoT devices that collect data to APIs that process that data. We can help you build, manage, and test the APIs on IoT devices.

Our established partnerships with IoT vendors include: