10 career and life lessons from 4 women and 100+ years work experience

March 11th, 2023 by Nischala Murthy Kaushik - Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

On the occasion of International Women’s Day (8 March 2023), I had the privilege and pleasure to moderate a panel with 4 amazing and inspiring women.

(1) Ankita Kaushik [ Bhartanatyam Dancer & Guru, Teach for India Fellow ]

(2) Mridvika Raisinghani [ Co-founder & CEO of Sama ]

(3) Sonal Sharda [ HR Business Leader International APAC Region, Amdocs & ex-Soldier]

(4) Cindy Zamora [Vice President Finance, Sandvine]

During the conversation, we spoke on their career and life story covering education, role of family, college years, careers, skills and choices.

What stayed with me after the session

1) Own your dreams. Believe in them! Never give up. And use the power of conscious manifestation to make them come true

2) Be bold in your choices if that’s the song your heart sings

3) Ask for help . You cannot do it all on your own. And it is OK to let go of some things. It is OK to be average in some. But for those that matter the most, take the time and make it a priority to give it your all

4) Work is important. So is life. Be clear on your priorities at each stage and phase of life! At the end of the day, realize that every choice has trade-offs. Make peace with the choices

5) Every year focus on learning at least one skill that will help you at work. Every 2 years, invest in an intense certification course / learning program

6) When things don’t go as planned or expected, take the time to accept your reality. Then move on. And next, focus your time and energy on things that matter to you.

7) Family is your strength, support and security. Make it a priority, give it time and nurture with love and care

8) Be aware of who is looking at you and up to you. You might not even know that someone is looking at you as a role model

9) After a point, be mindful on how you pay it forward. Don’t take your privilege, position and power for granted. Make your voice count – not just for yourself but for those who don’t have a voice or seat at the table

10) Be kind to yourself. Take time to celebrate yourself and care for your needs. In the long run, it makes all the difference

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