Data Management

Our data management and data quality expertise helps organizations standardize, clean, transform,
consolidate, and govern their data to meet their specific needs. Fresh Gravity customizes a solution for
your organization to embed data management into the DNA of your enterprise.

To achieve a positive data management ROI, Fresh Gravity will help you to:

Define roadmap and strategy: Fresh Gravity works with you to develop the optimal data management
strategy for your company.

Implement: Fresh Gravity partners with you to master domain data, establish data governance, ensure data quality, and develop tools for managing both hierarchical and unstructured data. Data management implementation can include multi-vendor technology solutions, integration, and third-party data enrichment.

Operate: After the initial implementation, data management must continue to be an active discipline
throughout your organization. Fresh Gravity optimizes the effectiveness of your data management operations by helping you to establish on-going data governance processes and data stewardship resources.

We are partners with and offer expertise in these technologies:

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