Artificial Intelligence

Fresh Gravity’s robust and mature AI capability is led by highly-accomplished experts in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our team of Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and ML/Deep Learning researchers includes advanced degree holders from universities such as U.C. Berkeley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the Indian Institutes of Technology.

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What sets Fresh Gravity apart in the domain of AI?

Talent is Key in Artificial Intelligence:
We have an impressive roster of experts in key disciplines, including:

  • Natural Language Processing, Chatbots, and Virtual Agents
  • Deep Learning (e.g., Recurrent Neural Networks)
  • Computer Vision
  • Probabilistic Graphical Models (e.g., Markov Decision Processes)
  • Decision Automation and Optimization

Our consultative approach and business acumen:

  • We help our clients understand and think in terms of practical Artificial Intelligence for enterprises.
  • We don’t just hand over black-box algorithms. Instead, we’ve cultivated a highly-disciplined design philosophy: we tailor the analysis to your business needs from the beginning, and thoughtfully integrate solutions into your enterprise system landscape at the end. At all points in between, we continuously test assumptions and make sure that the end results will achieve the intended impact.
  • End users need to understand what they’re getting, and why they can trust what’s under the hood. We are adept at explaining complex concepts in “plain English” using visualizations and analogies to make the intuition clear and promote certainty in the approach.

Quick wins and tangible value:

  • We are laser-focused on the tangible value to your business.
  • Beyond what’s in the headlines, AI is transforming business decision making in many other areas. We pride ourselves on determining the “right place to start” to quickly generate ROI and lay the groundwork for bigger projects. That is why clients trust us to deliver on the most advanced “high-effort and high-benefit” AI solutions.
  • When designing intelligent systems, our insistence on practical use leads us to dig deeper. We often select unconventional models that are particularly well-suited to our clients’ needs.

Diverse capabilities in fields related to data science:

  • For truly “intelligent” decision-making, cognitive systems require a combination of multi-disciplinary tools working together.
  • The AI capability works closely with the Gravity Labs (our R&D arm) to deliver comprehensive solutions.
  • Our deep expertise in APIs also allows us to provide the critical connective tissue for connecting data and linking our intelligent systems to real-world impact.

Examples of past projects include:

  • Intelligent Automation for Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Probabilistic Graphical Modeling for the Life Sciences
  • Robotic Process Automation for Hazardous Materials Shipping
  • Natural Language Translation to SQL Queries
  • Graph Analytics and Natural Language Processing for Metadata Lineage and Risk Identification
  • “Artificial Data Scientist” for Automated Feature Engineering and Algorithm Selection

Advanced Applications of Computer Vision:
Using leading techniques and state of the art libraries, Fresh Gravity has a proven track record strategizing, implementing and deploying optimized computer vision algorithms to many business situations. In a practical context, these algorithms are often embedded within more comprehensive solutions to form an “intelligent automation” system that automates traditionally manual processes by processing image or video inputs. As a cutting edge and evolving application of artificial intelligence, we have applied the latest in available tools, designed new Deep Learning Architectures and used the power of deep learning on our projects.

Top Technologies, Tools & Methods:

  • Region-based Convolutional Neural Networks (R-CNN)
  • You Only Look Once (Yolo)
  • OpenCV (Library)
  • ImageNet (Largest Labelled Image Database)
  • Transfer Learning (for decreased training time)
Leading Case Studies & Past Performances:

  • Visual Search for E-commerce – increase catalog search accuracy by incorporating design, color, shape etc. into computer vision powered image comparison
  • Purchase Order Automation – automate the data entry from varied & changing purchase order images using deep learning techniques such as R-CNN

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