Who We Are

We are a young company with bold ideas. We are an exciting new technology consultancy that drives success for our clients by enabling them to adopt transformative technologies, in order to make them nimble and responsive to the changing needs of their businesses.

Our Name: Why Fresh Gravity?

When our founders were brainstorming the kind of company they envisioned, adjectives like innovative, unique, new, and different kept popping up. Simply put, we want to offer solutions to our clients using a fresh, new approach.

We take our clients’ business and technical challenges seriously. We want to treat them with the gravity they deserve. And all this while having fun which is part of our culture.

And then it hit us just like the apple that fell on Sir Isaac Newton’s head: We are Fresh Gravity.

What Do We Offer?

We offer our clients experience, expertise, and innovation. With offices in the Silicon Valley area in California, Pune, India, Washington, D.C., and Ontario, Canada, our team of whip smart experts have the business savvy and technology smarts to solve some of the most complex problems for our clients.

We are your partner in addressing the unique challenges your business faces. Our list of service offerings is impressive (even to us) and growing. We can help with:

  • Data management, to help ensure your customer data is accurate, clean and secure.
  • Data science, which brings the power of machine learning and advanced technologies to solve your business problems.
  • API Management, to help with your “API first” strategy and implementations.
  • Artificial Intelligence, use NLP, computer vision, RPA and deep learning to solve complex problems.

And we are not done. We are constantly looking for the latest technologies that will benefit our clients and help them with winning solutions to challenging problems.

What Do We Value?

Fresh Gravity was founded on basic principles that govern how we treat our clients and each other and how we do our jobs.

  • Passion is at the core of who we are. Passion drives us every day, powering us through challenges both familiar and new.  We solve problems and bring innovation not because we have to, but because we love to.
  • Our passion is channeled through a fiercely bright lens of integrity.  We approach all our dealings – with our clients and within our own company – with a sense of honesty and ethical awareness that gives our business a spine of steel.
  • Integrity fails and passion is thwarted without healthy, open channels of communication. We challenge ourselves to be open and frank and to trust that an honest truth, even when it is uncomfortable, trumps everything else.
  • We treat all our stakeholders – clients, partners and colleagues – with respect for the unique skills, experiences and perspectives that they bring.
  • Execution fails without diligence and we direct that focus on the smallest detail. We know what we need to do and we do it diligently and with persistence.
  • We are an empowered lot. We take personal responsibility to drive successful outcomes for our clients, our colleagues and our partners.
  • We pride ourselves in our ability to learn new skills, spot new trends on the horizon, and be the trusted partners for clients in a rapidly evolving world of technology. We recognize the only way we remain relevant for our clients is by constantly learning and reinventing ourselves.

Fresh Gravity Opens New Office in Kolkata, India.

Pune, India – Fresh Gravity announced today the opening of a new office in Kolkata. The decision to open a new office was driven by Fresh Gravity’s fast-paced growth and increase in employee strength across its geographies. Alongside their existing India offices located in Pune and Bengaluru, the Kolkata office will provide a home base […]


Employee Appreciation – Today and Every Day

Over the past year, I have had the privilege of interacting with various Fresh Gravity employees across all geographies. It has been heartwarming to hear positive feedback about our culture across the board. So, on Employee Appreciation Day, I wanted to write down a few words from my interactions with my colleagues on what they […]