Data Science and Analytics

Our data scientists and related experts enable forward-looking, data-driven, real-time decision making for our clients. These elite teams, comprised of computer scientists, data scientists, business strategists, and business process architects, have delivered successful projects to global leaders in a range of industries. In partnership with Gravity Labs, our R&D arm, we produce winning analytic models for clients worldwide.

Data Science and Analytics Capability

What sets Fresh Gravity apart in the domain of Data Science?

World-class experts in analytics and machine learning

  • Our data science and machine learning experts are highly accomplished in a diverse set of domains, including data visualization, business analytics, and development of intelligent, self-learning systems for decision automation.
  • Data science is a broad and deep discipline. It is essential to select the right approaches for each client’s unique business needs, and to address the unique challenges of each client’s data. Doing that effectively depends on having a deep roster of experts with diverse multidisciplinary skills.
  • Our team “skill matrix” includes a broad and deep spectrum of knowledge:
    • Advanced methods for data wrangling
    • Data visualization and dashboards
    • Fundamental predictive analytics (regression, time series, forecasting)
    • Core machine learning (classification and regression on structured and unstructured data)
    • Geographic information systems
    • KPI theory and operational performance management
    • Optimization and control system theory for cognitive systems and intelligent decision support
    • Deep learning and AI (see our Artificial Intelligence Capability page for more)

Recognized business savvy and industry knowledge

  • Our combination of data science expertise with business acumen provides clients new and powerful ways to understand and use their data
  • We have a very dedicated focus on getting to the core of a business problem, which often leads us to select unconventional models
  • Our decision support systems and dashboards are designed not only to inform end users, but to evoke the appropriate action as simply and directly as possible
  • Alongside our technical experts, we employ highly-accomplished business strategists and business process architects as “translators” to design with business impact in mind, and maximize bottom-line results

Proven track record of successful implementation

  • The “art and science” of successful data projects goes well beyond running algorithms with a few lines of code.
  • We design with the end in mind, continuously evaluating our draft solutions for interpretability and practical use.
  • Our implementation expertise and constant focus on business value serves to limit rework and maximize bottom-line impact

Examples of past projects include:

  • Intelligent Automation for Manufacturing
  • Predictive Dashboards and GIS for Emergency Services
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Price Optimization
  • Research and Testing Automation

Our Offerings

Pricing Optimization Offering


Emergency Services Offering


Predictive Credit and Collections Offering


Probabilistic Graphical Model Apps in Pharma Offering


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