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March 1st, 2024 by Manasi Kaushik - Marketing Manager

Over the past year, I have had the privilege of interacting with various Fresh Gravity employees across all geographies. It has been heartwarming to hear positive feedback about our culture across the board. So, on Employee Appreciation Day, I wanted to write down a few words from my interactions with my colleagues on what they said about our leadership team, our culture, and each other.

Here are some truly remarkable things they said –

  • Aditya Agarwal from the Client Success Capability team said, “[I] love the open culture and helping attitude of fellow team members. Take ownership, and [the] sky is the limit at Fresh Gravity!” 
  • Aditya Sehgal from the Data Management Capability team said, “Being associated with Fresh Gravity for over 6 years has been an incredible journey filled with growth and fulfillment. I have had the privilege of working with industry experts and leaders who have not only helped me enhance my skills but have also provided a platform for creative thinking and problem-solving. Their support has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth.” 
  • Ashish Rawat from the Data Management Capability team said, “I embarked upon my Fresh Gravity journey in 2020. From Day 1 till now, I have always felt that Fresh Gravity has an employee-centric culture…Fresh Gravity serves as a hub for brainstorming for me because we not only implement solutions for clients here but also design and develop new products, upskill, celebrate each other’s achievements, and uplift one another…I am happy to be surrounded by an impactful leadership team that consistently encourages, empowers, and motivates me.” 
  • Dee Babaria from the Support Functions team said “From shared successes to overcoming challenges, the camaraderie among my coworkers has made every moment worthwhile. Working alongside my colleagues has been a journey filled with collaboration, support, and growth. I’m grateful for the collaborative spirit that defines our company culture, making every project a team effort.” 
  • Ganesh Kudale from the Data Management Capability team said, “One of the things I really appreciate about FG is the collaborative work environment. Team members are always willing to support one another, share knowledge, and work together. This creates a strong sense of mutual trust and a productive atmosphere.” 
  • Hardik Singhavi from the Data Management Capability team said, “The exposure I have got at FG is unmatchable. I have had the chance to work with brilliant teammates and industry leaders which has helped me enhance my professional as well as personal skills.” 
  • Michelle Tutino from the Operations team said, “I love that we have such a kind and hard-working bunch. The culture at FG has been so well maintained since inception and it seems everyone is ready to roll up their sleeves to help anyone for the betterment of Fresh Gravity’s success, which in turn, is our success.” 
  • Monalisa Thakur from the Data Management Capability said, “FG emphasizes value on relationshipswhether professional or personal. At FG, I get to work with quality people [who] irrespective of designation, experience, and expertise, are super helpful. I learn from them every single day.” 
  • Prathmesh Palande from the Data Science and Analytics Capability team said, “The sheer amount of transparency and an extremely flat hierarchy helps every one of us working with Fresh Gravity achieve a sense of comfort and enhanced levels of productivity due to quick information flow intra and inter-teams. The best part is that help is always offered at Fresh Gravity. 
  • Rupam Seth from the Data Management Capability team said, “The people at Fresh Gravity are incredibly motivating and have constantly inspired me.” 
  • Shraddha Thorat from the Data Management Capability team said, “Throughout my time here, I have seen Gravitians work together as a team. Everyone around me is helpful. The important thing about Fresh Gravity, in my opinion, is the team’s attitude toward problem-solving. The focus is always on solving the problem together and learning from it, instead of blaming anyone. I think this is the most important thing to grow together and succeed in any field.” 
  • Steve Slaton from the Data Management Capability said, “I have been at Fresh Gravity for 5 years, and it has been a tremendous blessing in every way! Our executive leaders set a great example of being forthright in communication and approachable at any time and are incredibly supportive. All the teammates I have worked with are impressive in their skills, and exemplary in their teamwork. And we have fun too. FG = amazing!” 

I kept wondering what that magic bean is that has helped grow this collaborative and supportive culture at Fresh Gravity and got the answer from Sudarsana Roy Choudhury, Managing Director of the Data Management Capability who said, “Fresh Gravity prioritizes…[creating] a supportive environment for its employees. At the center of our system, we have our employees. 

And there you have it, the most truthful reason for Fresh Gravity’s successful culture is the fact that the company’s core belief is employee centricity. 

Employee Appreciation Day is not just a one-day event but a consistent commitment to fostering a culture of gratitude. The fact that so many of our employees believe in our culture and have benefited from it over the years is a testament to our everyday appreciation of our team. At Fresh Gravity, every day is Employee Appreciation Day.  

If you are someone who values a positive, supportive, and collaborative work culture and believe you would be the right fit for Fresh Gravity, please feel free to share your resume with us at careers@freshgravity.com.  

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