10 Tips to Stand Out in Your Job Interview 

April 9th, 2024 by Manasi Kaushik - Marketing Manager

As someone with nearly a decade of professional experience spanning diverse industries such as sustainability, events, entertainment, media, and IT, I have given many interviews and conducted quite a few as well. During this, I have gained valuable insights that set the ideal candidate apart from other candidates.

Here are ten tips that can help you stand out in your job interviews: 

  • Be Prepared 
    • Prepare answers to common interview questions and draft succinct responses. 
    • Find a friend, family member, stranger, or even a mirror to rehearse your answers. The more you rehearse, the less nervous you will be. 
  • Be like a student 
    • Study the job description, thoroughly read the company’s website, review its social media presence, and read up about the company as much as possible. 
    • In-depth research will help you understand whether you genuinely want the job, will boost your confidence, and will demonstrate to the interviewer your genuine interest in the position. 
  • Be Confident 
    • Invest in refining your communication skills, by this I do not just mean your spoken communication but also your body language. 
    • Cultivate confidence to convey a strong, assured presence during the interview. Whether you do this by giving yourself a pep-talk, watching a motivational video, or talking to someone who boosts you up, is up to you. 
  • Be Well-Dressed 
    • Even in virtual settings, dressing professionally not only conveys sincerity, effort, and respect for the interview process but can also boost confidence and productivity. 
    • According to this Forbes article, “Dressing like a professional can help you make major strides toward landing partnerships that matter, getting new jobs or unlocking new opportunities.” 
  • Be Tech-Ready 
    • In the era of virtual interviews, ensure you have downloaded the videoconferencing software to your computer in advance (if it is not one you have used before), and conduct pre-interview checks for video and audio quality. 
    • Ensure you have your resume and portfolio (needed for roles such as graphic designer, writer, etc.) handy in your computer to share during the interview if need be 
    • Make sure you place the screen in a way that you are visible from your head to your shoulders and that there is a two-finger headspace; if you do not have a clean background, you always have the option to choose a virtual background or blur your background. 
    • Find a quiet place for the interview where you can hear the interviewer and vice versa.
    • Preferably do the interview on your laptop rather than your phone, it will save you from distractions owing to notifications from multiple apps.
    • Have electricity and Wi-Fi backup, if your work will be remote this is non-negotiable. 
  • Be On Time 
    • Whether it is an in-person or a virtual interview, being punctual gives a positive first impression. 
    • Being on time reflects that you respect both your time and that of the interviewer. 
  • Be authentic 
    • Just because you want to impress the interviewer does not mean you should promise the stars and the moon when you cannot deliver them, either. 
    • Strive for ambition but not at the expense of coming across as phony. 
  • Be curious 
    • Ask insightful questions about the role, the team, and the company. Before the interview, write down several questions you want to ask, and have them ready during the interview. 
    • Expressing genuine curiosity shows eagerness to contribute and be part of the company. 
  • Be a good listener 
    • Make sure you allow the interviewer time to speak/finish asking their question before responding. 
    • It is good practice to answer questions thoughtfully rather than overwhelming the interviewer with excessive information that may have nothing to do with the question they posed. 
  • Be positive 
    • According to this article, “Employers like employees with a positive attitude because they tend to be reliable, good problem solvers, strong self-managers, and pleasant to work with for managers and coworkers alike.” 
    • Your attitude is how you think, feel, and approach things. A positive attitude and outlook can take you a long way. 

These may feel like trivial things to do, but in the words of Vincent Van Gogh, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” So, if you are in the process of interviewing for jobs, try to incorporate these strategies into your process. These strategies may not ensure that you get a call back from every job you interview for – that depends on many things that are beyond your control – but they will set you apart from others and could open doors for you through referrals or other future opportunities. Most importantly, make sure you incorporate these strategies in your everyday work life if you wish to continue to stand out as a professional.  

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