Clinical Data Platform

Key Features

Powered by ThoughtSphereTM
  • Fresh Gravity’s Clinical Data Platform is powered by market-leading technology platform in clinical research data aggregation, analytics, risk management and oversight platform – ThoughtSphereTM.
360-degree view of clinical
and operational data
  • Seamlessly integrates structured and unstructured clinical and operational data from disparate sources – globally dispersed clinical trial sites, clinical operations, real-world data, external data, etc. and equips you with a 360-degree view of and access to integrated data in real-time.
Transform data into
actionable insights
  • Effectively transforms all your clinical, operational and business data into cleaner and higher quality, manageable form, meaningful visualizations and actionable insights to fuel agile and impactful decisions.
Clinical and operational
risk monitoring
  • Remotely, consistently and continuously monitors risks by analyzing integrated data from diverse sites, site and study performance insights, etc. to proactively identify and prevent inefficient behavior and redundant processes, minimize risks and achieve end-to-end optimization.
Enhanced patient review
and safety
  • Enables you to closely monitor and effectively review patients across different parameters and at different time periods to gain nuanced insights of patient progress and safety.
  • Provides instant alerts, triggers & notifications for operational and medically significant events that need immediate attention.
Better compliance to regulatory
and industry standards
  • Improves compliance to regulatory requirements and industry standards in terms of clinical data management, site selection, study processes, etc., to enable faster submissions and ensure frictionless approvals.

Use Cases

Clinical Data

Integrate, transform and standardize clinical data from globally dispersed and siloed systems into a clinical hub/repository and standardized data sets (SDTM, E2B, ADaM etc.)

Risk-Based Monitoring
and Oversight

Effectively monitor quality parameters, risks and proactively analyze critical data of CROs, sites, study, subjects and portfolio

Master Data

Gain visibility of data across trials through creation of golden records for all clinical entities, manage reference data and enrich data from external sources like NPI and DEA

Data Review and

High data quality through integrated data review to identify discrepancies and perform complex relationship checks, generate real time alerts and triggers for review and ensure SAE reconciliation with a data lake approach

Budget Planning and
Site Payments

Categorize scenario options around fixed and variable costs, effectively plan study budgets, improve management of sit-investigator collaboration and automate event-based payments to sites and investigators

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