API Management and Integration

As the world has grown more digital, so too has its reliance on resource sharing through APIs. APIs are essential components of today’s digital economy. At Fresh Gravity, we believe in the “API first” business mindset – an “outside in”, consumer-centric approach to designing and implementing APIs as services, interactions, and/or API products. Exposing applications to the outside world via APIs offers tremendous benefits. APIs can provide increased functionality and data for end users while offering agility and increased business potential for enterprises. APIs are being used for internal system integration, B2B and B2C integration, service portals, applications, exposing data and services, monetization and much more. Research suggests that the use of APIs continues to grow and will grow exponentially over the next decade.

API Management and Integration Capability Brochure


APIs have been around for a while, but the way APIs are being used now in the digital world is different from the way they were used in the past which poses challenges. Nowadays, API management goes beyond just managing the versions of APIs but rather includes building a proxy layer between the backend systems and the outside world that can be exposed via a mobile gateway. While exposing APIs to the outside world via applications offers tremendous benefits, it raises challenges as well. Unless APIs are managed systematically, these challenges can be hurtful to organizations.

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With the acceptance of cloud as a secure, elastic, scalable, and connected platform, integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) tools or cloud based system integration platforms now offer the combination of infrastructure (IaaS), operating system or platform (PaaS) and a software (SaaS). iPaaS tools are challenging on premise ESBs and in general challenging the traditional way sys­tems were integrated. iPaaS offers security, reliability, assurance and monitoring just like an ESB would but in lightweight, loosely coupled yet centrally managed fashion.

Fresh Gravity provides end-to-end API management & integration services that include defining a winning API strategy, standing up an API program, and implementing APIs and its core infrastructure to help organizations with today’s API opportunities and challenges. We also offer ESB vs iPaaS assessments, iPaaS strategy, migration to iPaaS, iPaaS configuration and deployment, and full lifecycle development.

Fresh Gravity API Maturity

Fresh Gravity’s API maturity model includes five levels of overall API initiative maturity which includes Startup, Organized, Standardized, Mature, and Fully Mature. These maturity levels are derived through the assessment of the three API enablement areas of API Strategy, API Program, and Implementation & Support. Please reach out to us for a detailed version of this model as well as a similar iPaaS/integration maturity model.


A “Startup” API organization lacks a clearly defined roadmap to get to the future state, operates in an ad-hoc API program structure and development methodology, and follows little to no standards for building APIs and using DevOps tools.


An “Organized” API organization has key initiatives on their future state roadmap and has documented an initial API organization structure with roles & responsibilities, development methodology, as well training and communication plans. They have selected an API management/gateway and API DevOps tools and have started building APIs following a set of documented API standards.


A “Standardized” API organization has a comprehensive set of initiatives on their roadmap with some key initiatives already completed. A formal API organization structure, development methodology, as well as training and communication plans have been aligned to the API tools and is standardized across the organization. A central API catalog via the API developer portal is used to re-use, enhance, or build new APIs on the API gateway/management tool leveraging some DevOps automation.


A “Mature” API organization has completed many key initiatives and has a clear roadmap with cost-benefit analysis for each. A formal API organization structure with API governance, development methodology, as well as training and communication plan is followed to support, maintain, enhance, and build APIs. Set up of the API developer portal to onboard internal developers, API gateway tool to collect metrics, and DevOps pipelines to accelerate API delivery is completed.

Fully Mature

A “Fully Mature” API organization has executed its roadmap initiatives and has retrospective on cost-benefit and ROI. The API organization, its methodology, and tools have been fully adopted and are critical to the organization’s success. APIs are thought of as products and are consumed internally as well as externally by customers and partners.

How can Fresh Gravity Help?

Fresh Gravity can help organizations with strategy, implementation and support for API management and iPaaS/system integration projects. We have assisted many organizations in maturing their API programs.

Fresh Gravity works with you to develop the optimal API / system integration strategy for your organization through a current state assessment to understand your challenges and opportunities as well as a cost effective way forward that provides the maximum benefits, all while staying vendor agnostic.

Fresh Gravity brings a comprehensive approach to get your API or integration program to reach its full maturity. Using our API maturity model, we will identify the gaps in your current state and collaboratively identify the road to the future state across your API organization, methodologies, and technologies that is aligned with your business strategy.

Implementation & Support
Fresh Gravity partners with you to help install and configure API or integration infrastructure on private, public or hybrid clouds, implement APIs and microservices, document, secure, and expose your APIs, integrate enterprise systems, and accelerate delivery through DevOps. We also offer post production support and maintenance via managed services.

Service Offerings

Under our Gravity Labs initiative, Fresh Gravity has invested in building go to market offerings that can expedite API and integration strategy and implementation projects for our clients. These offerings include pre-built solutions, accelerators, point of views and other assets like common services and libraries.

API Enablement

Enable organizations to reach their full API maturity through API strategy, API program setup, as well as implementing business and tech.-driven API initiatives.

Banking & Financial Services

Use the power of APIs to achieve end-to-end modernization of legacy financial applications, digitization of manual business processes, integration with new modern systems along with cutting-edge API management solutions for banking and financial services organizations along with the use of open APIs for banking.

Powering Integrated Pharmacist

Integrate customer, product, and order data across enterprise digital platforms & websites to optimize continuous, personalized content & services brand engagement to health care providers.

Integrated Master Data Hub

Improve data quality and unlock siloed data through enterprise master data management system integration.

Digital Health Device Efficacy Management

Extract, cleanse, and aggregate medical device, medication, & patient data from data sources and load to unstructured data source for business reporting and analysis.


At Fresh Gravity, we understand the importance of strong alliances with technology vendors to support our client engagements. We are official partners with Google/GCP, Apigee, SnapLogic, MuleSoft, and WSO2, allowing us exclusive access to their resources and support.

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