Fresh Gravity Brings Innovation to Information Technology and Services

October 13th, 2015 by Fresh Gravity

SANTA CLARA, CA: Fresh Gravity, a new and growing technology consultancy headquartered in Silicon Valley, provides advanced solutions to transform businesses into digital enterprises that are nimble, adaptive, and responsive to rapidly changing business demands.

With offices in Santa Clara, California, and Pune, India, Fresh Gravity is uniquely poised to respond to clients’ needs — whether it’s improving a client’s ability to attract, retain, and engage customers; helping clients manage, analyze, and visualize customer data; or expanding digital channels.

Offering an innovative suite of services, from consultancy to software implementation, Fresh Gravity provides complete, repeatable solutions that address the unique needs of its clients in a wide variety of industries. “At Fresh Gravity we’re focused on helping our clients use cutting-edge technologies to enable them to adapt to fast-changing business conditions. We’re not just helping clients install and implement third-party enterprise software that is currently available; we’re creating repeatable solutions to address specific problems that may be unique to an industry or even a given client. We’re applying technologies like cognitive computing and machine learning to create these unique solutions,” says Ajit Kumbhare, founder and CEO of Fresh Gravity. “We bring the latest technologies to industries where they have not been applied before.”

Developing a culture of service
Recognizing that as a Services company, employees are its most important asset, Fresh Gravity fosters a culture that attracts highly skilled technologists with outstanding business and consulting skills. “Our team is passionate about solving problems for our clients. We all support a culture of integrity, openness, respect, and adaptability, and that’s reflected in all our dealings with our clients,” says Harshada Khankhoje, head of Human Resources.

About the management of Fresh Gravity
Ajit Kumbhare is founder and CEO of Fresh Gravity. Prior to founding Fresh Gravity, Mr. Kumbhare was the founder of Serene Corporation and served as its CEO for twelve years. He currently sits on the board of ThoughtSpheres Inc. and VisageMap Inc. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management in Kolkata (Calcutta).

About Fresh Gravity
Fresh Gravity, based in Santa Clara California, is an innovative technology consulting company. The company is at the cutting-edge of digital transformation. Fresh Gravity drives digital success for its clients by enabling them to adopt transformative technologies that make them nimble, adaptive and responsive to the changing needs of their businesses.

Fresh Gravity capabilities include Digital customer experience, Data management, Data analytics and visualization, Internet of things, API Management and SOA, Cloud services.

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