Life at Fresh Gravity

October 12th, 2015 by Fresh Gravity

By Harshada Khankhoje

Startup life is very different from life at an established, traditional company. The startup environment provides a unique opportunity to try new ways of doing things. Every day here at Fresh Gravity there is something new to learn and a new problem to solve. It’s highly fulfilling to know that we all work toward solving tough customer problems and that we offer a range of services — and not just a single service — that fit together to deliver an end-to-end solution.

Because we’re a startup, enthusiasm is in the air. For me it is a completely new experience, especially being part of a team that is growing rapidly and yet just getting established. The team of three that I started with two months ago has already grown to more than 25!

Working at Fresh Gravity requires that I go above and beyond, take on new challenges, and most important, adapt. So hard work is the norm, but the benefits of that hard work are many: It gives you avenues to prove yourself, push yourself to the extreme, and test your limits. When all the hard work comes together, we create something truly fresh and innovative, and everyone involved experiences a satisfaction that’s tough to find in another environment.

Fresh Gravity’s two most important assets are its people and its culture. Fresh Gravity folks are a pleasure to work with — people who support, people I trust, and certainly people who care — they make it enjoyable to come to work.. I’m proud that we’ve built a culture where talented people come together and make work fun. A culture where people are not followers, but are actually tackling a problem together as ONE team. Personally what I enjoy the most is the openness, originality, and novelty.

Changing jobs demands a lot of thought, especially if you are moving from a well-known company to a startup. The technology world around us is changing and at Fresh Gravity you have an opportunity to drive this change with us. Our team is growing, and if you want to be a game changer and help us build this great company into something astounding, this can be your new beginning.

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