Investment in work culture: Laying a strong foundation

December 10th, 2020 by Harshada Khankhoje, Head HR, India

I joined the FG family when we were a team of just three people working from a small, shared office space. A lot of things have changed with times barring one – our vision of growing and making a difference in the industry.

Five years ago, when we started as a small, nimble firm, our focus was to build an organization with a unique work culture. A workplace where people had a sense of ownership, loyalty towards the organization, had the flexibility to work at their convenience, and where people cared for and supported each other. A competitive but friendly atmosphere which could make work fun as well as challenging.

We have worked very hard to build such a people-oriented organization. While we as an FG family are growing everyday, we have faced our share of ups and downs. Whenever we fail, we take it as our collective responsibility. We do not believe in pinpointing. We prefer to sit down, brainstorm and ensure we do not repeat our mistakes.

Success and failure have helped us build a stronger bond. Today as a family of 140+ talented professionals globally, we take pride in acknowledging the fact that our employees are our biggest asset and their satisfaction is our primary goal.

Whenever I talk about Fresh Gravity’s growth story, I specifically emphasize on our work culture. Many of my peers from industry and academia as well as budding HR professionals ask me – How is this important? And what exactly have you done when you say you have “invested in work culture”?

Let us take the case of the Covid-19 situation. Many companies were struggling in their decision making – What to do and how to manage? Our Employee-first thought process ensured there was no confusion. We were among the first few companies to roll out Work From Home (WFH) and quickly provide all required facilities to ensure a successful shift towards long-term WFH. Our employees, who proudly call themselves ‘Gravitians’, took 100% ownership to ensure that WFH had no impact on the business & client deliveries remain at forefront, maintaining our balance and productivity. Employee co-operation is one of the reasons why we were able to efficiently handle the situation and I am sure we will continue to do so in the future.

Our ‘Employee-first’ thought process is the most important aspect of our work culture. Solutions to any known or unknown problems lie in one simple question – How is it going to impact our employees?

In addition to this, ‘communication’ is another key factor that defines our work culture. In my 15+ years of experience of managing talent, I have always believed that lack of communication can create a trust deficit. We at Fresh Gravity have focused on various methods to facilitate communication between the employees and the firm. Our communication strategy from Day 1 has been very simple: whether it is a success story, new win, constructive feedback or a critical decision – we keep it timely, clear and precise. We conduct regular Town Halls, Employee engagement initiatives, one-on-one connects, wellness sessions and even career guidance meetings. These encourage collaboration within the team and increase teams’ morale, productivity and commitment. It fosters a great bond between the employee and the firm. This was possible due to the early adoption of some of the key collaboration platforms like Slack, Confluence, Jira, Zoom and Microsoft 365.

As we look forward to achieving another milestone and set our goals for the next five years, we understand that innovation is a continuous process. In order to drive, survive and thrive with a more resilient and adaptable workforce, we all need to react, reimagine, and rebuild.

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